”Greenvillage” cottage village

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Cottage settlement «Green Village» is the starting point of a new life.

Single-family cottage

605 000€ Price from
Area of the house 360 m2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Car shed 1

Cottage for two families

320 000€ Price from
Area of the house 220 m2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Car shed 1


300 000€ Price from
215 m2
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 3
Car shed 1

Green Village

in people’s minds – it is always something bigger than just „Green Village”. It is a starting point of something new. A long time ago expression «the green village» gave a name to famous English place, the Greenwich, which to this day is the zero point of longitude, a place where East and West meet. On another side of the Earth, in Indonesia, development of the housing estate «Green Village» became a starting point in new construction concept, based on the ideas of using eco-friendly materials and green technologies. The authors of Latvian cottage village „Green Village” have not had any doubt regarding the name of the village and determining the style of its embodiment. The „Green Village” is located on the in between Riga and Jurmala and also is near the township „Pinki”, which is famous for its 790 years of history. The modern housing estate „Green Village” is situated at an exceptional location. Like its namesake, here is meeting East and West, coastal breeze and the intense aromas of wildflowers, energetic rhythms of the city and the tranquility of rural life. The nature herself is leading the pencil of the architect and whispers images to the designer. A well- maintained forest closes village away from a prying eyes. Nearby are located nature reserves and parks of national importance, several lakes and the river Lielupe. The concept of naturalness, which was born thousands kilometers away from Latvia, found its expression in the project „Green Village”. It manifested itself in the selection of construction materials and technologies, in the architectural forms and the philosophy of creating living space.

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